(15:00) Bass Voice, shell horn, quartz crystal bass flute, water pipes, clay flute, bass clarinet, water bowls, and 6 water drums. Copyright Fee: Score. Music and Lyrics Copyright 1989, Brent Michael Davids.


WATER PEOPLE: MBE NENANGPE is an adventurous and virtuosic work that portrays an old Mohican story about an old man visited by an owl. The story describes an event of sharing and communication between different types of people: human beings and bird beings. The story is performed entirely in the Mohican language, and the work utilizes sound cluster effects, extended instrumental techniques, specially created handmade instruments, and spatial notation. All instrumentalists perform from the score, as does the vocal soloist. The master copy of "Water People: Mbe Nenangpe" is an inked score produced by hand onto vellum by the composer.