(2:30) 2 piccolos, 2 flutes, bass clarinet, bassoon, bullroar, 2 birdroars, 2 wooden sheepherder bells, 2 mounted toms, 2 mounted bongos, mounted tambourine, maracas, and horizontal bass drum. Copyright Fee: Score. Music Copyright 1995, Brent Michael Davids.


Canyon Sunrise is a fanfare for Native America -- a musical celebration for both ancient and contemporary residents of a southwestern canyon. Weathered rock drawings and modern households come to life in this concert setting. From the sounds of night crickets to the chirps of morning birds, "Canyon Sunrise" portrays the glow of dawn as it shines into the rocky crevasses. "Canyon Sunrise" is a carefully crafted composition combining the American Indian song techniques with those of Western-European music. Spaced into three separate groups, flutes and percussion instruments evoke the feeling of being deep inside the canyon where voices and echoes mix in unexpected ways.


"Canyon Sunrise" was commissioned by the National Symphony Orchestra, and celebrates the 65th Anniversary of the National Symphony Orchestra and the 25th Anniversary of the Kennedy Center.