(10:00) Flute, Treble Kalimba, Alto Kalimba, Suspended Cymbal, 4 baby bullroars, cello. Copyright Fee: Score. Music and Lyrics Copyright 1979, Brent Michael Davids.


Indian love flute is a work portraying three phases of a love flute's use: 1) the flute's young stage, 2) its mature courting stage, and 3) its old reminiscent stage. The American Indian love flute is used by a man during courtship. When a man reaches the age of courting, he plays a beautiful melody to a lover praising her beauty and demonstrating his love with an original tune. The young man fashions his flute and makes weak, yet persistent, attempts at a love melody he will use for courting. After much practice, the young man entices the interest of a lover. And in old age, the man recalls his love and passes from the earth.


"Indian Love Flute" was commissioned and premiered by flutist Jan Walker, DeKalb, IL, in 1979.