(18:00) standard Woodwind Quintet, with Alto flute, piccolo, toy tambourine, 2 baby rattles, toy slide whistle, bass clarinet, toy melodia, shell horn, toy trumpet, toy squeaky duck, soprano saxophone, and toy harmonica. Copyright Fee: Score. Music Copyright 1992, Brent Michael Davids.


Ni-Tcang, similar to "night song," literally means "my girl" in Mohican and the entire work intended as a lullaby to an imaginary daughter. Written for woodwind quintet, including instrumental doublings and toy instruments, the work draws from Native American sound patterns evocative of animals. birds and nature. The form of "Ni-Tcang" is through-composed with a pronounced emphasis on sound color, though specific macro and micro relationships exist. "Ni-Tcang" uses extended instrumental techniques and microtonal writing to contribute specific coloristic dimensions. Imitation is used in thematic ways and naturalistic ways. Generally, however, imitation is not used in sequences except to aid creation of sonic textures or to allude to Native American or natural sound patterns. "Ni-Tcang" is sometimes technical and microtonal, sometimes clear and quiet, sometimes harsh and brittle, sometimes airy and luminescent.


"Ni-Tcang" was commissioned by Quintessence through the Meet the Composer program with support from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts and Dayton Hudson Foundation. "Ni-Tcang" is available on the "Ni-Tcang" CD (BBG 8001) from the Composer.