(5:00) Quartz Crystal Flute, Bass Quartz Crystal Flute, piccolo, 2 soprano flutes, alto flute, bird roars, rain stick, shaker, rasp, sleigh bells, 3 wood bells, orchestra bells, marimba, powwow drum, bass drum, 2 toms, and bongo. Copyright Fee: Score. Music Copyright 1993, Brent Michael Davids.


Voices of Shadow Canyon was composed after a visit to Canyon De Chelly in Arizona. Arranged in the performance space into three groups, "Voices of Shadow Canyon" attempts to musically capture the feeling of being down inside the canyon, where stark rock formations cast shadows and sheer canyon walls echo voices. Ancient voices appear as petroglyphs, as pictorial shadows on the canyon walls. Contemporary indigenous voices reverberate throughout the canyon the concerns of today. Even the Squirrel people climb the Anazazi homes to scream across to their relatives in the trees on the other side of the canyon. Consequently, the melody and design of "Voices of Shadow Canyon" draw partly from the Native American people, the Animal people, and the beautiful craggy shapes and colors of the canyon.


"Voices of Shadow Canyon" was commissioned by the Arizona State Music Teachers Association with support from the Music Teachers National Association.