Cello Chili


(6:40) Cello, Voice. Copyright Fee: Score. Copyright 2008, Brent Michael Davids.


Cello Chili was commissioned by solo cellist Dawn Avery. The Work creates an experience of shifting rhythms derived from the text of a fictitious stew recipe made of cello pieces. The text is also part of American Indian life, with two quotes from Will Rogers. Referring to chili as a “bowl of blessedness,” the Cherokee humorist also advised that one should “always drink upstream from the herd.”


1 neck, body or belly, cut into small pieces
1 whole scroll, hard-rolled
1 carved tail piece, with spike attached
2 wiggly ribs, dry-rubbed
4 pegs (grated) or 2 cups powdered frogs
1 medium nut, lickety cut
4 roasted green chiles, peeled and diced

To make a bowl of blessedness, boil whole scroll in large bowl. Add the chiles and other ingredients. Cover loosely for about 6 minutes. Simmer profusely or until the grumbling stew discharges a passing tone. Season to taste, and always drink upstream from the herd.