(2:00+) Sustained Piano. Copyright Fee: Score. Music Copyright 1983, Brent Michael Davids.


DANU is a work for sustained piano, meaning the work is performed with the sustain pedal engaged throughout the work. The work features sonorities that intentionally bleed into others as the work progresses. "Danu" is intended to be repeated and thereby performed continuously for hours at one performance in various spaces, such as foyers and other resonant spaces, in the spirit of Eric Satie's "Vexations." In addition, "Danu" is notated in a spatial fashion, with seconds measured out in the score like a ruler, and the size of the noteheads indicate relative volume levels. Larger noteheads indicate stronger dynamics, and smaller ones indicate softer dynamics in "Danu."


"Danu" was premiered by multiple pianists all taking successive turns at a single piano in the foyer, to celebrate the opening of the newly built Shaw Fine Arts Center of Graceland College, Lamoni, IA, in 1983 (now Graceland University).