(12:00) Solo Piano. Copyright Fee: Score. Music Copyright 2008, Brent Michael Davids.


Sky Bear is a solo piano work was composed for my friend Emanuele Arciuli. "Sky Bear" loosely recalls the story of the Great Sky Bear (the changing of the seasons) from a traditional Mohican perspective. The stars in the sky, the Great Sky Bear, and the changing of the seasons are all linked in a mutual balance of reciprocity. The bears give humans food to eat, and the humans help the seasons to continue onward, which in turn helps the bears to survive as well. In three movements, the piano work travels to the stars in Movement One, travels the four seasons in Movement Two, and travels back to earth in Movement Three.


"Sky Bear" was premiered by Emanuele Arciuli on the Classically Native series of the National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D. C., in 2008.