(5:00) Solo Violin. Purchase: Score (below). Music Copyright 2019, Brent Michael Davids.


WOOD THAT SINGS is composed for solo violin with scordatura re-tuning of its low string, evokes the rhythms and refrains of the single-stringed Apache violin. The Western violin's G string is tuned down to a low A in bass clef, creating the characteristic "buzzy" quality that spawned the Apache violin's "buzzer" nickname. The work contains an Apache violin-like melody and the rhythms borrow from both the duple and triple beats of indigenous songs. Western musical techniques are also incorporated, such as double, triple and quadruple stops, harmonic and tritone sonorities, and printed music notation, all of which do not occur in traditional Apache violin songs. Often twisting and leaping from one to another, the indigenous and western phrases bounce like horsehair bows would dance on either a Western or Apache stringed instrument. The work is intended to be a strong, challenging, virtuosic, shake-a-leg experience for both performer and audience.


Thank you to Dr. Katherine McLin for commissioning Wood That Sings, to Michael DiBarry for assistance in editing the work, and to Chesley Goseyun Wilson for his personal gift of an Apache Violin.