(19:30) String Quartet. Copyright Fee: Score, Parts. Music Copyright ©2005, Brent Michael Davids.


TINNITUS Quartet is an introspective work that evokes the stages and emotions of someone suffering from tinnitus. “Tinnitus” is a ringing that comes from within the ear, affecting millions including, it seems, music composers and concert violinists. "Tinnitus Quartet" is autobiographical, as the composer lives with a severe version of the condition. Experiencing various stages of denial, frustration, anger, grief and depression, the composer eventually “befriended” the ringing, making friends with it. "Tinnitus Quartet" intends to challenge an audience with the living effect of Tinnitus in two ways. First, the work stands as a testament to the emotions of people living with Tinnitus. Secondly, the work is composed with the ringing of a Tinnitus tone physically audible throughout the work; in this way, an audience might gain a small insight into the condition by experiencing a short facsimile of it.


"Tinnitus Quartet" was commissioned and premiered by the Miró Quartet at the University of Texas at Austin, in 2005.