(10:00) Soprano Voice, Flute, Musical Saw, Celesta, Water Gong, Double Bass. Copyright Fee: Score. Music and Lyrics Copyright 1980, Brent Michael Davids.


KIMAMA To is a work featuring a mezzo soprano soloist with a small ensemble, utilizing text in the Lakota language. "Ki-Mama To" means "Blue Butterfly" in the Lakota language, and the work evokes a story about a blue butterfly. The work illustrates 3 stages of the butterfly's life. The first stage is birth and growth. The second stage is the fulfillment of the butterfly's purpose, and in silent, glittering flight the butterfly spreads brightness for all to see. Those too caught up in the busy ways of the world will miss the butterfly's quiet peacefulness, and as butterflies only live a short time, in the third stage the butterfly dies. But the beautiful memory of the butterfly's message does not die for those touched by the beauty.


"KiMama To" was commissioned and premiered by Diane Raigans of the Chicago Lyric Opera, Chicago, IL, in 1978.