(15:00) SSAATTBB Chorus, American Indian Hand Drum. Rental Fee: Printed Octavo Scores and click-tracked Movie. Music and Lyrics Copyright 2016,

Brent Michael Davids.


LEATHER STOCKING (8-part version) is the vocal soundtrack to the film of the same name. The chorus produces the film music — using only voices and hand drum — in perfect synchronization to the short black and white silent film. However, the soundtrack is composed as if for an orchestra requiring the singers to vocally create those orchestra sounds. The 1909 film is an abbreviated version of James Fenimore Cooper's "Last of the Mohicans" and directed by "Birth of a Nation" director D. W. Griffith. In the film, a party of settlers led by a friendly Mohican Indian and escorted by a British soldier set out on a journey. En route they are stalked and attacked by unfriendly Indians. At the crucial moment, soldiers from the fort arrive and beat off the unfriendly Indian tribe. The film is a part of the Paper Print Collection in the Library of Congress.


LEATHER STOCKING (12-part version) was first commissioned for Chanticleer in 2011 with support from the "Common Ground" program of the First Nations Composer Initiative. This updated version is the new 8-part ssaattbb version — Check it out the movie and octavo score HERE !