(3:00) Youth Chorus (SA), 2 Soprano Flutes, Triangle, Shaker, Tambourine. Copyright Fee: Score. Music and Lyrics Copyright 2000, Brent Michael Davids.


Mohican Friends teaches introductory vocal sounds, words and phrases in the Mohican language while challenging young vocalists with good contemporary composition. The Mohican textual images reveal something of what a traditional Mohican thinks about, namely the importance of good familial relationships and about respecting others. A good Mohican respects our animal and bird relatives too, and searches out responsible and goodhearted ways to share our lives with the world. Mohicans do not strive to be domineering over the animals or the land. We must work to live a balanced life with our world and treat others of the world as goodhearted relatives. Our earth, birds, animals and humans are intimately related. We are all family members in this world. Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand each other. Communication remains a constant challenge for all beings and requires our vigilant efforts to listen accurately as much as talk well. The intent of "Mohican Friends" is to acknowledge that everyone, our animals and our earth, deserve to be understood on their own terms, respected and treated as cherished relatives.


"Mohican Friends" celebrates our relatedness and is dedicated to the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of the Mohican Nation.