(9:00) SSAATTBB Chorus, 2 skin drums (or Tom Substitutes). Copyright Fee: Score. Music and Lyrics Copyright 1997, Brent Michael Davids.


Mohican Soup stirs two languages together into a musical stew: Mohican and American Indian vocables. Foods are important to all Native American gatherings and ceremonies, and the text of Mohican Soup is made up of food names such as bread, berries, fruit, corn, beans and, of course, soup. Along with the delicious celebration of Mohican foods, Native American vocables soup-up the work as well, from a beginning simmer to a bubbling broth. Vocables are a type of text used by indigenous people to communicate emotion in intertribal songs. With hand drums and a score created by a Mohican composer, "Mohican Soup" is a powerful and enriching mix of both the choir tradition and Native American life.


"Mohican Soup" was commissioned by the 12-singer male chorus Chanticleer, and was premiered in Tanglewood's Seiji Ozawa Hall, Lenox, MA, on July 22, 1999.