(9:00) SATB Chorus, Quartz Crystal Flute (or Orchestral Flute Substitute), Shakers, Bird Roars, Powwow Drum (or Tom substitute). Copyright Fee: Score, parts. Music Copyright 1995, Brent Michael Davids.


Native American Suite is a percussive suite of three traditional Native American songs including a "Lenape song" (Delaware), an "Apache song" (“49” song), and "Zuni Sunrise" song (Pueblo). "Lenape Song" is festive, sung by many people together. As the group performs they bring themselves back into the community and the whole tribe into wellness. The 49 song "I Still Love You Yet" is used after powwows when the younger singers are not quite ready to quit. Usually well after midnight, the participants gather in a nearby spot and sing these 49 songs -- a mixture of English lyrics and Native American vocables which form an intertribal way of communicating feelings. This particular piece is one Chesley Wilson (traditional singer, flute player and Apache Violin maker) used to tease his wife who was married to another once before. The final "Zuni Sunrise" Song celebrates the new day as it calls morning into existence.


"Native American Suite" was commissioned by the Dale Warland Singers and presents an interesting blend of Native American melodies, lyrics and rhythms, as well as some interesting jazz harmonies combined with chorus vocal effects.