(8:00) SATB Chorus, Native American Flute (or Flute Substitute). Music Copyright 2001, Brent Michael Davids. Lyrics Copyright 2001, Marcie R. Rendon.


of this turtle isle features the words of Anishanabe (white Earth) poet Marcie R. Rendon. When writing the text for "Of This Turtle Isle," Rendon thought about Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis and how it seems to be the gathering place for newly landed immigrants, how this land is historically native land, and how her indigenous ancestors welcomed new peoples to this American continent, until such a time as her ancestors were brutalized. Rendon thought about how Columbus described the Indigenous people he first saw as "children of God," which may be where the real term "Indians" came from, in dios. Rendon thought about how the Anishanabe still welcome people to this continent, no matter how impoverished we are and how most groups including those who have been here for generations, don't seem to realize that the Indigenous people still exist. Yet it is most probable that the Indigenous people would lead the rest of humanity to a more human reality.


"Of This Turtle Isle" was commissioned and premiered by World Voices, of Minneapolis, MN, in 2001, with the composer on quartz crystal flute and the lyricist as narrator.


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