(15:00) SSAATTBB Chorus, Quartz Crystal Flute (or flute substitute), Hand Drum. Copyright Fee: Score, Parts. Music Copyright 2000, Brent Michael Davids. Lyrics Copyright 2000, Joy Harjo.


She Is One Of Us was composed in 3 movements to a poem written by Joy Harjo specifically for this work, "In Praise of Earth,"  celebrating the Earth and her resiliency despite human negligence. Sometimes sparse, sometimes rich, sometimes harsh, sometimes gorgeous, "She Is One Of Us" uses many vocal techniques including whisper singing, speaking, and specific Native American vocal sounds. The ending spirals into a building chant as satisfying as any Arvo Part song, culminating to a wonderful climax. "She Is One Of Us" features the words of Muskogee (Creek) poet Joy Harjo, who authored "A Map to the Next World: Poems," and "The Woman Who Fell From the Sky," and who received honors including The American Indian Distinguished Achievement in the Arts Award and the Josephine Miles Poetry Award.


The work was commissioned and premiered by the Racine Symphonic Chorus in Wisconsin, and later premiered in Minnesota by The Dale Warland Singers.