(10:00 - 40:00 Variable) Three Choruses (S, SA, SATB), Powwow Drum, Various Rhythm Instruments. Copyright Fee: Scores, Parts. Music Copyright 2004, Brent Michael Davids. Lyrics Copyright 2004, Marcie R. Rendon.


Spring Wind Dances AT THE RIVER was written especially for a ceremony held on the banks of the Mississippi River, and is a choral approximation of the convergence of three rivers: the Minnesota, the Saint Croix and the Mississippi. In this way, three separate choir works, named respectively, are performed separately and then sequentially combined, to evoke the mingling of the three rivers. Each choral work functions as a completely separate composition, specifically depicting the character and history of each particular river. Quoted within "Spring Wind Dances" is one of the first known compositions by an American Indian composer known to exist, a hymn composed by Joseph Renville, a Dakota Indian. Additionally, each river is designed for different age-level choirs, from younger to older: Minnesota (S), Saint Croix (SA), Mississippi (SATB).


"Spring Wind Dances at the River" was commissioned to commemorate the Mingling of Waters Ceremony of the Grand Excursion celebration and presented by Xcel Energy, it premiered on Sunday, July 4, 2004 at St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis.