THE Story of Crow


(20:00) Boys Choir (Trebles 1, 2, 3), Quartz Crystal Flute (or orchestra flute substitute), shaker, tambourine, powwow drum (or large tom substitute), and narrator. Copyright Fee: Score, parts. Music Copyright 1997, Brent Michael Davids. Story Copyright 1997, Joy Harjo.


THE STORY OF CROW portrays the tale of Crow whose life dramatically changes because of his vain and boasting character. The work is intended to be an enjoyable work for all ages. With lyrics and narrative by Joy Harjo, the music combines elements of western music with Native American melodies and vocables. The vocables are syllables used to communicate feelings in traditional Native American songs, along with the triadic and quartile harmonies of Western music. In addition to four vocalized background patterns that accompany the narration, "The Story of Crow" includes 6 songs: Introduction Song, Happy Vain Crow, Gaming Song, Crow Magic Song, Soot Song and Human Lesson Song.


The composer gratefully acknowledges the Phoenix Boys Choir for commissioning and premiering the work in 1997, and Joy Harjo for her wonderful story and lyrics.