(3:15) For Concert Band Level 2-2.5. PDF(s): Score, Parts. Music Copyright 2012. Brent Michael Davids.


INDIAN STORY TIME is a tribute to the American Indians of Minnesota, and musically recounts 2 tales of the Dakota and Ojibwe, respectively. Each story unfolds in a musical way within the band composition, while the full narratives are referenced in the sources below. The band melodies are reminiscent of Dakota and Ojibwe songs, but do not quote any particular tune, leaving that to the authenticity of the Indigenous People themselves. For example, some Native songs are sung only at certain ceremonies, at certain events, or times of the year. Some music is restricted and performed only by the Indians themselves. Other songs are open, and freely shared by anyone, both Indians and non-indians alike. However, in all cases, only American Indians can authentically create and perform American Indian music, and out of respect to their traditions, the band music does not contain any musical quotes or renditions of American Indian songs. The music is composed in the style of the songs, but is newly composed.


"Indian Story Time" was commissioned by

Minnesota Band Directors Association, and designed to fulfill the Minnesota Academic Standards, Arts K-12 for "contributions of Minnesota American Indian tribes and communities."


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