(60:00) Quartz Crystal Soprano Flute, orchestral flute, American Indian wood flute, bamboo flute, clay flutes and whistles, Various percussion, Piano, electronics. Copyright Fee: recording. Music Copyright 1990, Brent Michael Davids.


A SONG FOR THE FOREST PEOPLE is a fully-staged evening-length work for dancers and music that was conceived by mask-maker Zarco Guerrero and choerographed by Elina Mooney. The work features over 30 masks created by Guerrero. "A Song for the Forest People" follows the life of a forest in the Amazon, as a group of indigenous animals and people fight off an evil witch in order to maintain their own community and life. The music score was perfomed and recorded at Blue Butterfly Theatre, and is available from Blue Butterfly Group.


"A Song for the Forest People" was commissioned by the Arizona State University School of Dance and was premiered by Dance Arizona Repertory Theater, Tempe, AZ in 1990.