(7:00) Quartz Crystal Soprano Flute, Quartz Crystal Bass Flute, Powwow Drum, Clay Flutes, Electronics, Voice. Copyright Fee: Score. Music and Text Copyright 1992, Brent Michael Davids.


"Moon of the Falling Leaves," which received its world premiere by the Joffrey Ballet in Minneapolis in 1992... is ritualistic in manner. The men pace solemnly, drum their arms against their chests and assemble in striking formations. One of the most unusual of Mr. Pucci's effects was the moment when the dancers did handstands and locked their upraised legs together so that their four bodies collectively took the shape of a teepee" (Jack ANDERSON, April 7, 1994, New York Times).


"Peter Pucci's "Moon of the Falling Leaves," a dance based on Native American themes, was the most enigmatic dance... creating a brooding and deliberate mood. Set to a fresh, lilting score (and Mohican poetry) by Brent Michael Davids, Pucci's movement doesn't paste together stereotyped Native American dances. Instead, Pucci interweaves and repeats simple motifs, which begin to look and feel more like Indian dances" (Lynn Voedisch, April 30, 1992, Chicago Sun-Times).


"MOON OF THE Falling Leaves" was composed for the Joffrey Ballet and choreographer Peter Pucci, and shows a strong connection between Mohicans the animal world. The work is available on the "Ni-Tcang" CD (BBG 8001) from the Composer.