(30:00) Quartz Crystal Bass Flute, Quartz Crystal Soprano Flute, Electric Guitar, Voice, Double Bass, Electronics. Copyright Fee: Recording. Music Copyright 1994, Brent Michael Davids. Poem copyright 1994, Ramson Lomatewama.


Voices In Stone is a large ballet work choreographed by Michael Uthoff for an entire ballet company as an ode to the American Southwest, and is danced to music by Brent Michael Davids and the poetry of Ramson Lomatewama. The work evokes the sound of dry winds blowing across the etched rock faces, as well as the long oral history of the Hopi people in the southwest.


"Voices In Stone" was commissioned and premiered by Ballet Arizona, at Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, AZ, in 1994.