(11:30) Full Orchestra (Single Winds), Soprano Singer, American Indian Flute. Music Rental Fee: Full Score, Set of Parts. Film Rental Fee: Digital Video, with Audio Click Track. Music Copyright 2014, Brent Michael Davids. Film Copyright 2014, Robin Rupe.


It’s the 21st Century and all the world is concerned about our planet, more specifically about our relationship with the planet. We’re affecting the atmosphere. Our activities are changing the climate. On solid ground, the science is factual and conclusive. There are no more climate change skeptics, only denialists. The orchestral score and film project are an artistic consideration of our natural world, designed especially for the concert hall.


BY OUR NATURE is a film that exhibits nature through the camera lens, with an orchestral score featuring the distinctive sound of the Native American wood flute and, at the denouement, the lyrical refrain of a solo vocalist. The multivalent title carries a triple meaning with a respective emphasis on each of the three words: BY our nature, by OUR nature, and by our NATURE. BY the stream, we experience nature all around us. Our attitudes toward the planet derive from appreciation for, and reliance on, OUR lands, airs and waters. We are literally inhabited by the very same genetic information as the plants and animals; NATURE is our responsibility because we are nature too.


By Our Nature is an artistic celebration of the Nature around us, Nature as our relative, and our duty toward Nature, through musical composition and filmmaking. Special thanks to Robin Rupe, of Volti Subito Productions ( for creating the film, and to all the dedicated professionals of Grand Rapids Symphony for giving the work its world premiere.




Mankato Symphony Orchestra:


Civic Symphony of Green Bay: