(32:00) Full Orchestra (Single Winds), Orchestral Flute Soloist (double on American Indian Flute). Rental Fee: Full Score, Set of Parts. Copyright 2014, Brent Michael Davids.


Borrowed from various American Indian traditions of “courting flutes,” FLUTING AROUND is a modern concerto for flute and orchestra. With a bit of humor, FLUTING AROUND celebrates the American Indian courting flute traditions, especially in the third movement, and illustrates that a challenging flute concerto can be both exhilarating and fun for audiences of any culture. FLUTING AROUND was funded in part by Margaret Cornils Luke in memory of her aunt Gertrude Cornils and in part by the College of Visual and Performing Arts of Northern Illinois University.


1) GOLDEN FLUTE. The movement’s title alludes to the orchestral flute that is made of metal. The movement follows a loose sonata form, with its classic orchestral opening, followed by two solo flute expositions, a development and recapitulation, a cadenza, and a final coda.


2) WOODEN FLUTE. In movement two, a Native American wood flute (tuned in C minor), sings out a melody very reminiscent of a traditional indigenous song, with its customary falling melodic shape. The orchestration is generally light and sparkling, interwoven with several moments of excitement to blanket the wooden flute in a warm supportive sound.


3) HONEY FLUTE. Movement three salutes the Indian “love flute” traditions employing a synonym of “sweetie” or “darling” for the monikered title. The flute soloist musically interacts — or flirts — with many instrumental suitors, including the horn, trombone, cello, tuba and piccolo. This humorous movement alludes to the concerto’s overall title, which nearly slips off the tongue as “flirting around” or “fooling around,” but in this instance is more accurately expressed as the irreproachable “fluting around.”


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