(17:00) Orchestra (Single Winds), American Indian Flute, Powwow Drum, Native Amrican rattle. Music Rental Fee: Full Score, Set of Parts. Film Rental Fee: Projected Digital Video, with Audio Click Track. Music Copyright 2015, Brent Michael Davids. Film Copyright 2015, Friends of Ganondagan.


An audience favorite, the live action, animated, choreographed film, "Iroquois Creation Story," has garnered many awards, including a film festival prize for best original music score by Brent Michael Davids. 


"Iroquois Creation Story" was made as a collaboration between three diverse groups of artists. G. Peter Jemison, a Seneca artist and Site Director of Ganondagan, was the Producer. His artwork and vision guided the film and he recruited many Haudenosaunee performers to voice the characters and perform the traditional dance and music sections. Cathleen Ashworth, a Professor in the School of Film and Animation was the Director. She pulled together over 25 student artists and other faculty from RIT to animate and edit the film. The Lion King’s choreographer, Garth Fagan, choreographed the Garth Fagan Dance company alongside the traditional dances of the Iroquois dancers. 


The final song for the animated film “Iroquois Creation Story” was sung by Joanne Shenandoah. The lyrics and melody are by Avery Jimerson, with Davids’ own musical arrangement and orchestration (and the composer on Native American flute). 


The film’s creative team includes: G. Peter Jemison (Producer), Cat Ashworth (Director), Atia Quadri (Animation Technical Director), Brent Michael Davids (Composer), Garth Fagan (Choreographer), Joanne Shenandoah (Narrator, and Singer), and traditional Iroquois songs by Bill Crouse, Alan Dowdy, and G. Peter Jemison.


If in the vicinity of Victor NY, the film screens daily at the Seneca Art & Culture Center in the Orientation Theater at the Ganondagan Historic Site. Please check out their website (, and inquire about obtaining your own DVD of the Iroquois Creation Story!