(4:30) Youth Orchestra (double winds), including 6 Soprano Flute solos, Timpani, Horizontal Bass Drum, Orchestra Bells, clay Bird Whistle, Bird Roars, Harp. Rental Fee: Orchestra Score, Set of Parts. Copyright 1997, Brent Michael Davids.


LAKE WINDS is a celebration of the Indigenous residents of a Minnesota lake. "Lake Winds" portrays no distinction between what the West calls “Nature” vs. “Supernatural” or “Man” vs. “Nature” as these spheres do not exist for most Native American worlds. Water People, Bird People, Animal People, Wind People, and even a Thunderstorm sing to each another with power and strength. People communicating together is what makes the Lake alive for Native Americans -- the basic principle of sharing, reciprocity and respect is what "Lake Winds" is all about. The orchestral instruments are performed less as musical instruments and more as talking sticks, singing reeds, rustling winds, and shooting thunder.


Commissioned by GTCYS especially for this occasion, "Lake Winds" celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Greater Twin Cities’ Youth Symphonies of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. The commissioning of Lake Winds: Air For Six Flutes And Youth Orchestra was made possible in part by support from The Saint Paul Companies.