(23:00) Full Orchestra (Double Winds), SATB Chorus, American Indian Flute, Guitar. Rental Fee: Full Score, Set of Parts. Copyright ©2010, Brent Michael Davids.


SANTA FE 400TH SYMPHONY is a concert work that honors the commemorates the 400th Anniversary Santa Fe, and is dedicated to the diverse people and multicultural heritage of our community in commemoration of the Santa Fe 400th Anniversary. Supported in part by Dr. Gregory and Angie Yan Schaaf, the Santa Fe 400th Committee, and the City of Santa Fe. Special thanks to Dr. Anna Marie Cardinalli, Valerie Martínez, and the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus.


1. “Honoring Kwa'apoge”


Featuring American Indian flute, Movement One is titled after the original Tewa name for Santa Fe, meaning the Pueblo “Down at the Bead Water [where] they make the beads which they so highly prize,” and is inspired by Pueblo Mockingbird songs, and incorporates actual mockingbird songs (melodies created by the feathered tunesters themselves) into the orchestral music.


2. “Honoring Villa de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Assisi”


Featuring acoustic guitar, Movement Two is titled after the original name of Santa Fe, meaning the “City of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi,” and is inspired by historic New Mexican folk songs and Farruca, one of the oldest forms of Flamenco music.


3. “Honoring Santa Fe, the City Different”


Featuring chorus, Movement Three musically celebrates the unique character of Santa Fe, and is inspired by the contemporary sounds of the streets and the many languages from around the world heard, like a “panoramic spectrum of many tongues." The lyrics come from the former Poet Laureate of Santa Fe, Valerie Martínez.