(7:00 or 10:00) Full Orchestra (Single Winds), Native American wood flute. Rental Fee: Full Score, Set of Parts. Copyright 2017, Brent Michael Davids.


"Wheedle Wood" is adapted from the middle movement (mvt #2) of the flute concerto “Fluting Around,” originally commissioned by, and composed for, my NIU flute colleague and friend, Peg Cornils-Luke, in memory of her aunt Gertrude Cornils and funded in part by the College of Visual and Performing Arts of Northern Illinois University.


The entire three-movement flute concerto borrows from various American Indian traditions of “courting flutes,” and is a modern concerto for orchestral flute and orchestra.


However, the re-written movement two — Wheedle Wood — utilizes a Native American wood flute, that sings out a melody very reminiscent of a traditional indigenous song, with its customary falling melodic shape. The orchestration is generally light and sparkling, interwoven with several moments of excitement to blanket the wooden flute in a warm supportive sound.


Wheedle Wood celebrates the American Indian courting flute traditions, and illustrates that a challenging flute concerto can be exhilarating and fun for audiences of any culture. —BMD